Leveraging the Feedback Accelerator

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The paradox of self-awareness is you can't develop it by yourself. IPSAT 360 will provide you with the process and the resource to accelerate your growth and refine your Identity Self-awareness through feedback. The course includes our IPSAT 360 Worksheet that streamlines and simplifies the process of getting input from people in 5 Feedback Circles.

Course Curriculum

Steve Moore

Steve Moore is the president of nexleader and Growing Leaders. At nexleader he gives leadership to a growing network of coaches who use the Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT) to help people discover, optimize and unleash their potential. At Growing Leaders Steve works with the leadership team to develop and implement the strategy to empower emerging generations with skills to lead in real life.

Steve is the author of six books, most recently, Grow Toward Your Dreams: Practical Steps to Discover, Optimize and Unleash Your Potential.



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Kelly McClelland

Packed with Helpful Tips for Creating a Personal Development Plan

This is a fast and tightly packed course in a short time. I think I'll revisit it to continue to dig into the super practical ways to get feedback and find gaps that I can use to better relationships and outcomes in my work, ministry and family life. Wish I'd seen this as a younger person... interesting to think how much different I would become with a coach/mentor to help me take time to grow in self-awareness.

2 years ago

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